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Our aim is to be the quality provider of labour to long-term Civil Engineering and Construction projects in all over  England. We endeavour to provide a good, safe working environment for our staff and to have teams working with the top Construction Companies on long-term projects. In addition, we wish to have a profitable partnership with all of our staff by supplying a fully trained and highly skilled workforce to our clients.

In today's competitive market place, survival and success depend on the Company's ability to satisfy all of our client requirements whilst continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our internal processes.



G Kullar construction is dedicated to increase the quality of agency labour available
To achieve this following systems are in place:
References are taken
Documentation is checked
Face to face interviews are conducted
Regualr Reviews of P.P.E
Continuous appraisals from every site attended by our operatives.



We offer solution

 No two construction projects are alike. Each project requires specific services and solutions.
 G Kullar Construction Ltd typically develops a tailored scope of services for each project based on the specific needs of the client.

  Our company specializes in commercial, industrial and new home construction, renovation and remodeling.

  We offer a wide variety of home renovation and construction services.

G K Construction Ltd  have extensive experience with a variety of project types, including:

  • Office facilities build
  • Art/photo studios renovation
  • Retail facility build/renovate
  • Restaurants
  • Night clubs
  • Office complexes build/renovate
  • Hotels build/renovate
  • New construction
  • Commercial construction